The Count



An essay about the day my friend Eilis was elected to Dublin City Council. Also an essay about PRSTV, the unique Irish vote transfer system, and its curious beauty.

It’s on Medium, here.


Just Educate

I’m interested in shame, and the politics of shame. Also, I’m a parent. The continued Church control of Irish schools bothers me deeply. Schools are sites where children are taught how to be in the world. In Ireland, schools have been used to teach shame and self-denial. After the most recent round of news stories about the mother and baby home at Tuam, I wrote about the implications for education.

My two articles are here and here.

New Communities Partnership Conference: Child protection & migration in Ireland


Migrant families in Ireland are ten times more likely to find themselves subject to child protection interventions than are Irish families. I attended the conference of NCP, and wrote about some of the complexities involved in this situation. While cultural differences are crucial, other issues are equally important, particularly the impact of Direct Provision on individuals and families; domestic violence; and social exclusion across Irish society.

My article for Headstuff is here: